About Us

It’s true that U.S. business is dominated by massive corporations, but we are trying to prove there is still room in the United States for entrepreneurism.

Here at U.S. Retail Products we are a small American family owned and operated business located in Long Island, New York.

Currently we carry a wide variety products in the categories of Apparel, Health & Beauty and Home Goods.

Our mission is to begin manufacturing our own line of cosmetics here in the United States for retail distribution and export. We expect to have our first products to market in mid to end of 2019. Currently we have completed our sample products and have had them approved to FDA compliance and registered with the European Union for export.

Our next step is to bring awareness to the U.S. Retail Products brand.

In the next few months will be announcing the beginning of our Kickstarter campaign to do just that. Our Kickstarter campaign will not only bring awareness to our brand but will also offer you the opportunity to obtain some of our new products at a huge discount before they hit the market.

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U.S. Retail Products

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